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Noun + Verb

Noun-verb compounds are rare. Most of them are only used in the infinitive and in the participle.

Noun-verb compounding is the combination of a noun stem and a verb stem to form a new verb stem. The compound verbs can be separable, inseparable, or partially separable:

Separable verbs:
Haus + schlachten = hausschlachten
Teil + haben = teilhaben
Wunder + nehmen = wundernehmen
All compounds
Inseparable verbs
Feuer + bestatten = feuerbestatten
Gewähr + leisten = gewährleisten
Kiel + holen = kielholen
Nacht + wandeln = nachtwandeln
All compounds
Partially separable verbs (see below)
Dank + sagen = danksagen
Not + landen = notlanden
Staub + saugen = staubsaugen
All compounds
All noun-verb compounds

Inflection class see Verb compounds.

Partially separable verbs:

Partially separable verbs are verbs that
  • are not separated when they occur in a main clause (like inseparable verbs):

    er notlandete, ich staubsauge
  • form the past participle and the zu-infinitive by inserting, respectively, ge and zu between the separable prefix and the base verb (like separable verbs):

    er ist notgelandet, ich habe staubgesaugt
    zulanden, staubzusaugen

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