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The suffix weise

The suffix weise is the most frequently used adverb suffix. It is still added to nouns and adjectives to form new adverbs.

Derivation type:  Noun to adverb
Adjective to adverb
Verb to adverb

Noun to adverb

Direct suffixation
Ansatz + weise = ansatzweise
Fass fassweise
Scherz scherzweise
All derivations

With linking element s
Ausnahme +  s  + weise = ausnahmsweise
Gebiet gebietsweise
Vorzug = vorzugsweise
All derivations

With plural form
Fass + weise = fässerweise
Stichprobe stichprobenweise
Tag tageweise
All derivations

Adjective to adverb

When weise is added to an adjective, the linking element (inflection ending) er is always inserted between the adjective stem and the suffix:

auffällig +
+ weise = auffälligerweise
bedauerlich bedauerlicherweise
dumm dummerweise
All derivations

Verb to adverb

The suffix weise is the only suffix to form adverbs from verbs. It is very rarely added to verbs.

leihen + weise = leihweise
mieten mietweise
All derivations

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