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Noun to adjective: Pseudo-participles

Pseudo-participles have the same form as past participles, but the corresponding verbs do not exist. Pseudo-participles are derived directly from nouns:

Not: Witwe
But: Witwe

Pseudo-participles look like past participle because they are formed with affixes that are otherwise only used in the inflection or derivation of verbs.

Prefixes: ge be ver zer
Suffix: t


be + Bart + t = bebartet
ge Harnisch geharnischt
ver Witwe verwitwet
zer Tal zertalt
All derivations

  • e-insertion:
    When the noun stem ends in t or d, an e is inserted between the stem and the suffix:
    be + Dienst + t = bedienstet
    Hemd behemdet

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